At the young age of 7, Razi found herself having to quit school in order to care for her younger sisters and father, upon her mother’s passing. Unable to take care of his 3 young girls, soon Razia’s father took the sisters to the House of Flowers orphanage, in Kabul. Razia was 9.

At the House of Flowers, Razia was able to return to being a child again. Driven by her great desire to learn, within 3 months, she was literate and passed the entrance test to begin the 2nd grade at the age of 10; the following year she skipped a grade and continued to learn at an amazing rate; soon she became the source of help for all other children at the orphanage. She also became a gifted calligrapher and took some other responsibilities in the House, such as acting as the ‘librarian’ and helping run the House of Flowers ‘Bank’.

In 2012, upon obtaining her high school diploma, ‘A More Balanced World’ proudly provided the financial support Razia needed to attend college and achieve her teaching credentials. Today, Razia has been hired as a teacher by the House of Flowers, giving back to the community that helped her with the fulfillment of her dreams.