One in five Los Angeles Community College students and one in nine California State University students is homeless; some take refuge in the only possession they own, their car, and don’t always have enough to eat. Nevertheless, they hold on to the hope that obtaining an education will someday pay off.

Established to unlock the potential of homeless students in the Los Angeles area, this program provides a host of supportive services in order to increase graduation rates, all the while building and sustaining healthy communities.

Bringing together a network of resources comprised of local academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, professional service providers from the community, and local government agencies, ‘A More Balanced World Outreach Center’ is on a mission to help homeless students with what they need to stay in school, press forward and thrive.

The majority of these students recognize higher education as the primary path to economic stability, but they need encouragement, guidance, and helping hands. We invite you to join us in being that caring helping hand.