From the age of 12, Ezathullah was a ‘Spandi*’ on the streets of Kabul, getting up at 4:30am to go to work. For two years before that, he wove carpets with his mother, …the time he should’ve been in school and having fun with other boys.
In 2016 ‘A More Balanced World’ committed to pay his wages so that he could stop being a child laborer and focus on school, instead. Ezat’s attitude and work ethic earned him funding by the Bamyan Foundation, to attend a private high school! He is now 15 and studying in 8th grade.
Ezat likes walking on the streets, in his spare time (without having to work!), reading, swimming, and bicycling. He wants to become a doctor to help the underprivileged be hopeful, as he is.

* A spandi is someone who sells the smoke from the herb Espand to ward off evil spirits