Dear A More Balanced World

I wanted to thank you with all my heart for this great gift of going forward with my dreams. Everything is for the huge support that you have offered so that I can go to the university since my parents are not able to let me do so.

My program will be an Associate degree in Business Administration. I give thanks to you and to our Almighty God as I get into more of this new phase in my life and into my dreams of studying in the university.

It makes me very happy to be enrolled in 6 subjects as it gives me the opportunity to give my best so I can move forward with my dreams and make things better for my family.

With all my heart, I’m striving but with your support I am very much benefited. Thank you for your noble hearts for helping me fulfill my dreams. You’ll always be in my heart and my prayers.

Blessings to your beautiful family and salutations. It’s been my pleasure to engage with you and to show my utmost esteem.

From here I take my leave of you, hoping you receive blessings in your important work.

God bless you