Matin was A More Balanced World scholarship recipient during the school year 2014-2015.

An over-achiever, Matin is only 14 years old and is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He finished his 8th grade at the Silk Road International School in Kyrgyzstan, ranking first in his school. He has received full scholarship to study in a distinguished high school in the United States, for the next four years.

Matin’s favorite subject in school is History and he is interested in politics. He believes through History “we get to know more about our past like what things we have been through and how can we improve our future. …it is always interesting for me to read about people who have done many great things and the past and get inspired.”

This summer, Matin is a Global Youth Ambassador at ‘A World At School’ organization, collecting online petitions for the #UpForSchool campaign, is volunteering with ‘Save the Children’ in Kabul, and working as a citizen journalist at Paiwandgah. When he can, he speaks with street children at child friendly places.

His plans for future? He wants to become a journalist. Any doubt he will be the best in whatever he decides to do? NOT BY US!
Matin is a true inspiration for a more balanced world.