‘A More Balanced World’ and ‘Small Acts for Sustainability’ Enter A Strategic Partnership

As an important step in our efforts to create a more balanced world, we are pleased and excited to announce our partnership with the Massachusetts-based nonprofit, “Small Acts for Sustainability”, (SAS), a social impact organization, founded to strengthen marginalized communities of girls and women through sustainable acts of empowerment, education and engagement.

Given the many dimensions of a balanced world, we believe at their core, there exist a great alignment between the missions of the two organizations, as they both strive to enhance the well-being of the disadvantaged through education and awareness.

We see this kind of partnership as central to the goal of expanding the spirit of a more just world and look forward to collaborations at multiple levels between the two entities.

About Author: MANDY FAZELI

With a life-long passion for community service and social volunteerism, both foreign and domestic, and with the help of many friends who shared her passion, Mandy Fazeli, an IT professional with Farmers Insurance Group, Inc. founded A More Balanced World in 2010. As Founder and President, Mandy uses her management skills, international background, and humanitarian aspirations to help give the hope of education to youth around the world.