Education, a Catalyst for Social Change!


Today, more than ever we are witnessing the profound and lasting impact of education in a society, which further affirms our belief in education and awareness; not just as a path to economic stability for individuals, but also as the catalyst for betterment of societies, as a whole. 

Case in point are the recent events in Iran,  lead by educated women and men alike in raising their voice to seek freedom and their basic human rights, as a result of which we are witness to Iranian women leading the movement for fundamental change in the country.  

For more than a decade, ‘A More Balanced World’ has strived to create socio-economic opportunities for the disadvantaged through education.  As we approach the end of 2022, we are reminded of the challenges our sponsored students face and take inspiration from their resilience to strengthen our resolve and commitment in support of their success.

Your partnership in seeing these young women and men complete their education and become productive agents of change is what moves us to create a more balanced world.

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