Growth, Gratitude, and a Brighter Future

We concluded 2021 proud of the increasing positive impact and opportunity we brought to disadvantaged students, grateful for the unrelenting support of our donors, partners, and volunteers, and hopeful for a brighter future as we enter the new year.

Of course, last year brought many challenges as COVID-19 continued to wreak havoc especially in developing countries, Afghanistan spiraled into turmoil, and daily economic hardships increased globally for the already-deprived. Despite this grim backdrop, A More Balanced World and its partners were able to make meaningful progress in bringing positive change to the lives of the disadvantaged students.

Among the many highlights of 2021 we are especially proud of the following:

    • Expansion of support into South Africa
    • Strong growth of supported student headcount: 80% in Iran, 100% in India
    • University graduation of 10 students, including one Masters degree
    • PhD programs being pursued by 4 students
    • Our Uganda partner, PCE Foundation, built a high school for operational efficiency and started a bakery business as part of their sustainability plan
    • Our Holiday Fundraising Drive reached our goal of $60,000 donations. Thank You!

As we enter 2022, we are excited about the prospects of further increasing our impact worldwide by:

    • Continue to increase our supported student population
    • Secure more sponsors for our beneficiary students
    • Further optimize communications with our current and potential constituents 
    • Increase our worldwide impact by collaborating and partnering with other nonprofits

None of what we accomplish every day is possible without the help of our volunteers. We are extremely thankful for and humbled by their dedication to our mission.

We are also eternally grateful to our donors who enable us to provide the opportunity for a brighter future to our students. We are particularly thankful to those who Sponsor specific students, as their recurring commitments bring predictability to us and our students.

Thank you for believing in A More Balanced World!

A More Balanced World