Corina Milisa Garcia Giron

Milisa is majoring in Educational Administration with emphasis on Environment; she has completed her Associate Degree and will graduate with a bachelor degree in December of 2018.
In her letter to 'A More Balanced World', Milisa wrote:  "...I'm completing my civic duty consisting of 728 hours of voluntary work helping needy people in rural areas..... I want to share that is one of the best experiences I have ever had; it's led to seeing places and people whom in some way have affected my life, helping me become a better person.......I don't take for granted that this would not be possible without your generous and unconditional support...."

Anastacio Estuardo

A bright student and hard working student, Anastacio began college in January of 2015 while also working; upon obtaining his Associate Degree in Business Administration in October of 2017, Anastacio's job took him to Guatemala's capital city and away from where he attended university.  He intends to resume his studies towards a Bachelor Degree in 2019.

In his latest letter to 'A More Balanced World', Anastacio wrote: ".... it's a huge help and blessing for me to receive your support, so that I can continue school and accomplish my aims until I can reach my academic goals..... My family and I are very thankful for this support."


From the age of 12, Ezathullah was a ‘Spandi*’ on the streets of Kabul, getting up at 4:30am to go to work. For two years before that, he wove carpets with his mother, ...the time he should’ve been in school and having fun with other boys.
In 2016 'A More Balanced World' committed to pay his wages so that he could stop being a child laborer and focus on school, instead. Ezat’s attitude and work ethic earned him funding by the Bamyan Foundation, to attend a private high school! He is now 15 and studying in 8th grade.
Ezat likes walking on the streets, in his spare time (without having to work!), reading, swimming, and bicycling. He wants to become a doctor to help the underprivileged be hopeful, as he is.

* A spandi is someone who sells the smoke from the herb Espand to ward off evil spirits

Pratik Tanaji Jadhav

Dear Madam Mandy

I am writing to thank you and your organization for your generous monetary support towards my education. It was very difficult for my mother to manage home and my education without this support. Your support has allowed me to concentrate on my studies and has inspired me to help others.
I also want to thank Sangeeta Madam and Rohini Madam for extending this help to me and my family.
I want to let you know I am doing very good at school and will continue to do so.
This semester I scored 81%.
Once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Wit regards and lots of love and affection,

Pratik Tanaji Jadhav – Maharashtra, India


At the young age of 7, Razi found herself having to quit school in order to care for her younger sisters and father, upon her mother's passing. Unable to take care of his 3 young girls, soon Razia's father took the sisters to the House of Flowers orphanage, in Kabul. Razia was 9.

At the House of Flowers, Razia was able to return to being a child again. Driven by her great desire to learn, within 3 months, she was literate and passed the entrance test to begin the 2nd grade at the age of 10; the following year she skipped a grade and continued to learn at an amazing rate; soon she became the source of help for all other children at the orphanage. She also became a gifted calligrapher and took some other responsibilities in the House, such as acting as the 'librarian' and helping run the House of Flowers 'Bank'.

In 2012, upon obtaining her high school diploma, 'A More Balanced World' proudly provided the financial support Razia needed to attend college and achieve her teaching credentials. Today, Razia has been hired as a teacher by the House of Flowers, giving back to the community that helped her with the fulfillment of her dreams.

Tinbit Adibar Ademe

Abeba is a nick name for Tinbit Adibar Ademe and she is 10 years old. Abeba's parents live in a village outside Jimma, Ethiopia and have sent their small twin girls to the city to live with relatives so that they can attend school and make a better life for themselves.

But, when Abeba came to the city she couldn't necessarily attend school, as the relative was not able to shoulder the school expenses on the top of the living expenses, until the representative of A More Balanced World came across this little girl.

Eventhough she was couple of years behind by the time she started school, she made up for it by her enthusiasm and love of school. Abeba is now in 3rd grade and one of the high ranking students in her class.

In the picture, Abeba at her kindergarten graduation, along with AMBW Representative in Ethiopia.




Amarech Bekele Beyene

Amarech was a beautiful and intelligent young woman with potential and determination for making a better life for herself.  Living with her single mother, who had a difficult time to make a living for Amarech and her sister, she just needed a little help to stay in school.

With the support of 'A More Balanced World', Amarech was able to attend university and this past June, (2015), she graduated with a bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics.  A More Balanced World offered to continue its financial support, if she decided to enter a masters program, but Amarech opted for finding a job instead and helping her ailing mother instead, for now.

We are extremely proud of Amarech and respect her choice.  We also know that in due time, she will pay forward by helping another youth realize his/her full potential.


Sela Khut

Dear: Director of AMBW Organization

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making this possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of your support. I am currently majoring in English Literature Education. The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and it will allow me to concentrate more of my time for studying.

I am currently a senior and plan to graduate with Bachelor degree in the fall of 2016. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master degree in English Literature Education. Would AMBW still continue to support for my educational expenses? Please let me know.

Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give something back to others, both as teacher and possibly scholarship to future students like myself.
P.S I am looking forward seeing you in the near future.

Matin Yaqubi

Matin was A More Balanced World scholarship recipient during the school year 2014-2015.

An over-achiever, Matin is only 14 years old and is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He finished his 8th grade at the Silk Road International School in Kyrgyzstan, ranking first in his school. He has received full scholarship to study in a distinguished high school in the United States, for the next four years.

Matin’s favorite subject in school is History and he is interested in politics. He believes through History “we get to know more about our past like what things we have been through and how can we improve our future. …it is always interesting for me to read about people who have done many great things and the past and get inspired.”

This summer, Matin is a Global Youth Ambassador at ‘A World At School’ organization, collecting online petitions for the #UpForSchool campaign, is volunteering with ‘Save the Children’ in Kabul, and working as a citizen journalist at Paiwandgah. When he can, he speaks with street children at child friendly places.

His plans for future? He wants to become a journalist. Any doubt he will be the best in whatever he decides to do? NOT BY US!
Matin is a true inspiration for a more balanced world.

Danio Gaspar Lopez Loarka

Danilo began his college education in January of 2014 with support from 'A More Balanced World' and in October of 2016 obtained his Associate Degree in Business Administration; he is now pursing his Bachelor Degree in that same field.

In his latest letter to AMBW, Danilo wrote: "On June 3rd, 2017, there was a solemn graduation ceremony at the university.  That day, I was overcome with joy, realizing the fruit of my efforts.  My whole family was with me and they were equally happy.

I want to thank you for the support that you have given me, since it was what has motivated me to continue studying and putting forth effort every day.  This achievement obtained after many months is dedicated to you personally, and I hope you will always be happy about this achievement."