Danilo was born into a low income family in a rural farming community where most kids don’t continue their education past 6th grade. Danilo however wanted more than a life of destitute.

Recognizing Danilo’s potential and determination, Pura Vida, our partner organization in Guatemala provided assistance for him to complete high school in 2013 with stellar grades and a burning desire for higher education.  That’s when AMBW stepped in and provided Danilo with the means to attain his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

In his letter of gratitude to AMBW, Danilo wrote: 

“June 22, 2020 marks one year since I graduated and I am simply very happy. Thanks to your support I have managed to get ahead, personally and as a family, since for me it was a dream to graduate from the university; something that would not have been possible by my own means. and for this, I am INFINITELY GRATEFUL TO YOU.”

Presently Danilo is employed at an educational institution as an administrator and volunteers in his community, yet he’s dreaming of one day working towards his Master’s Degree and starting his own business.

Danilo is another example of how, given a chance, a young man can reach his full potential not only to build a better future for himself and his family but also to become a productive member of his community.

We at ‘A More Balanced World’ take pride in being an instrument of success for kids like Danilo and with unwavering commitment continue our support of those deserving of the opportunity and access to education.