Laleh was 28 and married with two children when she was recommended for a scholarship by A More Balanced World.  She had been a top performing student all the way through primary and secondary schools, but was never able to pursue further studies due to lack of required funds and constraints from her husband’s family. 

Laleh’s husband however was supportive of her continuing education. Proud of his wife’s intelligence, he was always generous in praising her, but unable to support her love of learning, financially.  With neither of them having any college education, their combined income barely met their 4-person family.

With support from ‘A More Balanced World’, Laleh was able to fulfill her dream of attending university, but not without facing challenges.  With in-laws opposed to her pursuit of higher education, the expectations put on her as a wife and mother, while there was still a need for her to contribute to the family income, all required that she worked much harder, through all of which she came with flying colors.  In 2021, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Midwifery.


Laleh did not get to attend her graduation ceremony due to the mayhem resulting from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan; so, she wore her cap & gown at home and asked her family to take a few pictures of her to commemorate her accomplishment, years in the making.

‘A More Balanced World’ is ever so proud of Laleh and her success. We are confident she will overcome all obstacles of the reality of life in Afghanistan and will be an instrument of hope and pride to her family as well as all women in Afghanistan