Our Purpose

A More Balanced World has been formed to assist promising, yet economically disadvantaged students, anywhere in the world achievement of their maximum potentials, by providing them with the means to pursue education and develop a greater capacity to meet their individual goals.

Make a Lasting Impact
Reduce the College Drop Out Rate!

California Outreach Center

Student Outreach Program

70% of two-year college and 61% of four-year university students face either housing or food insecurity or homelessness; some take refuge in the only possession they own, their car, and don’t always have enough to eat. Nevertheless, recognizing higher education as the primary path to economic stability, they hold on to the hope that obtaining an education will someday pay off.

Building a network of resources comprised of local academic institutions, professional service providers from the community and local government agencies, A More Balanced World is on a mission to provide these students with the supportive services they need to thrive and press forward.

Success Stories



“Upon graduation from high school, Andu was faced with the seemingly inevitable fortune of many of his peers: most likely, a long and dangerous journey crossing borders or seas to find work in the neighboring countries. But for Andu, his plan to enter the workforce after graduation was not voluntary: he had always dreamed of pursuing higher education to change his life and those of his two younger brothers.”



“At the age of 12, Ezzat’s days began at 4:30 a.m., when he went to work on the streets of Kabul to support his family by selling herbs.”



“As the daughter of a daily wage laborer and a part-time maid, both without education, Divya understood the value of hard work in the face of adversity from a young age.”