A More Balanced World

With recent events in Afghanistan escalating from a state of tension to downright tragedy, the team at A More Balanced World has been staying focused on ways to aid Afghans both within Afghanistan and abroad in host countries that are taking refugees.

As always, and as in any corner of the world, we stand with refugees fleeing conflict to safer lands, where they can thrive and raise families with a hope for a better future. We are especially concerned about women under the current circumstances as events unfold under new Taliban rule.

We have heard the assurances of the Taliban leaders who promise to govern with fairness and protect the rights of women and girls. But we have seen the reports coming out of Afghanistan chronicling instances of abuse and assault of women, limiting rights and freedoms for young men, and the targeted killing of people who served coalition forces. We condemn these acts in the strongest of tones and stand with the aid community as the world does all that it can to assist Afghans.

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We invite you to join us in making a lasting impact on the life of the most vulnerable in our communities.