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Start of Our Annual Fundraising

We are kicking off our 2023 fundraising around the theme of Collaboration. The annual fundraising at ‘A More Balanced World’ is an inspiring initiative with a powerful message of unity and philanthropy. “Collaboration” is a significant shift in the approach ... Read More

Meet Our Scholars Series — Farima

A determined and motivated young woman, Farima was only one year old when she lost her father, and along with her mother and sister, were taken in by her grandfather.  Eventual passing of her grandfather however left them with no source of livelihood. As a ... Read More

Meet Our Scholars Series- Faryal & Hasib

A bright and motivated young girl from Herat in Afghanistan, Faryal has always done well in school and set an example for her two younger brothers, to follow. Upon completing her high school diploma she entered university of Herat and obtained a Bachelor’s ... Read More

The youngest strong man in Hamedan Province

Siavosh has had a passion for weightlifting since he was a child. At 14 Siavosh not only was an accomplished weightlifter with multiple titles in provincial competitions but also an A+ student academically. In a recent competition for “The Strongest Man in Hamedan ... Read More

“One Voice” Ziba Shirazi with Hamed Poursaee Read More

Education, a Catalyst for Social Change!

Today, more than ever we are witnessing the profound and lasting impact of education in a society, which further affirms our belief in education and awareness; not just as a path to economic stability for individuals, but also as the catalyst for betterment of societies, as a whole Read More
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