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The youngest strong man in Hamedan Province

Siavosh has had a passion for weightlifting since he was a child. At 14 Siavosh not only was an accomplished weightlifter with multiple titles in provincial competitions but also an A+ student academically. In a recent competition for “The Strongest Man in Hamedan ... Read More

“One Voice” Ziba Shirazi with Hamed Poursaee Read More

Education, a Catalyst for Social Change!

Today, more than ever we are witnessing the profound and lasting impact of education in a society, which further affirms our belief in education and awareness; not just as a path to economic stability for individuals, but also as the catalyst for betterment of societies, as a whole Read More

Strive for Possibilities

On September 16th . 2022, the world was shocked and inflamed by the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the so-called Islamic Republic’s “Morality Police”. Once again, we are painfully reminded of the fact that Iranian women have been entrapped in an inhumane ... Read More

Our Solidarity with the Iranian People

Over the past month, the world has been witnessing events in Iran not seen in over 40 years. A grassroots movement spearheaded by young women and supported by young men has inspired the nation and the world into acts of defiance and courage against the Islamic ... Read More

Recent events in Iran by Kam Aramesh

Mahsa Amini was a 22 years old innocent, young & vibrant Iranian woman arrested by “Guidance Patrol” also known as “Morality Police” on Sept. 13th in Tehran for nothing more than the notion that her clothesdid not comply with their version of Islamic Law. Mahsa died in custody on Sept. 16, 2022.  Read More
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