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‘A More Balanced World’ Launches 2020 Holiday Fundraising Drive

Today 'A More Balanced World' (AMBW) launched its 2020 Holiday Fundraising Drive with the goal of raising $50,000 by December 31, 2020. This year's fundraising event is especially important to the organization, as the COVID-19 pandemic has limited in-person fundraising activities and increased the financial support of its students who now require distant-learning tools. Read More

‘A More Balanced World Youth’ Shows a Ray of Hope to Underprivileged at the Risk of Homelessness

Members of 'A More Balanced World's Youth Program joined hands to help students, struggling to stay afloat, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of our students, who are either experiencing or on the verge of homelessness, have been particularly hit hard by the ... Read More

‘A More Balanced World’ and ‘Small Acts for Sustainability’ Enter A Strategic Partnership

As an important step in our efforts to create a more balanced world, we are pleased and excited to announce our partnership with the Massachusetts-based nonprofit, “Small Acts for Sustainability”, (SAS), a social impact organization, founded to strengthen ... Read More

A More Balanced World Establishes A Student Outreach Program to Help Reduce College Dropout Among the Most Vulnerable

‘A More Balanced World’s journey has been one of growth and evolution as we continue to adjust our direction in response to the needs of society, focusing on helping the most vulnerable within the communities we serve. Read More

A More Balanced World 6th Annual Gathering Give the Gift of Education to a Homeless Student

Join us on December 8th, for an inspiring evening, hosted by the charming Ziba Shirazi and the national social justice expert and advocate, Dr. Niaz Kasravi, as the keynote SpeakerA always, the esteemed Persian music vocalist, our very own Dr. Farimah Shahraz ... Read More

A More Balanced World 5th Annual Gathering ‘Let’s Put A Youth Through College’

On Saturday October 7, 2017, ‘A More Balanced World’ held its 5th annual gathering at the beautiful Moss Theater in Santa Monica, California.  The evening was hosted by the splendid musical artist and storyteller, Ziba Shirazi, esteemed vocalists, Dr. Farimah ... Read More
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