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The Housing Crisis Among College Students By: Zeena Haitham Hamed

Housing Insecurity has become rampant in college towns. "At the University of California, Santa Barbara, this crisis peaked in the summer of 2021.Students, who were expecting a continued closure of university facilities due to the pandemic, learned they would be required to be on campus in the fall." Many students had not secured housing for the 2021-2022 school year, and resorted to renting rooms in stranger’s houses or even living out of their cars or vans.

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‘A More Balanced World’ and ‘Kaaj Education’

Enter A Strategic Partnership As part of its strategic direction, ‘A More Balanced World’ is collaborating with ‘Kaaj Education’, on the “World Literature Program” (WLP) in Afghanistan; an innovative idea initiated and developed by Kaaj Education to empower young....

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Educational Suppression, as a Tactic of Ethnic Cleansing A Palestine Case Study By: Zeena Hamed

Since October 7th, 2023, Ninety-Four University Professors in the Gaza Strip have been killed. This is not by accident.  Israel government controls the Palestinian census. Meaning they have access to every address and location of every university professor. ...

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70% of two-year college and 61% of four-year university students face either housing or food insecurity or homelessness; some take refuge in the only possession they own, their car, and don’t always have enough to eat. Nevertheless, recognizing higher education as the primary path to economic stability, they hold on to the hope that obtaining an education will someday pay off.

Building a network of resources comprised of local academic institutions, professional service providers from the community and local government agencies, A More Balanced World is on a mission to provide these students with the supportive services they need to thrive and press forward.

Success Stories



Raised in the dense forests of Karnataka, India, Smitha embodies resilience and determination. Growing up in an environment where education was considered a luxury,



Faryal's academic journey is a testament to resilience and determination, overcoming significant obstacles to pursue her passion for economics.  Hailing from Herat, Afghanistan, Faryal has been a guiding light for her younger siblings, particularly her brother Hasib, who postponed his own educational aspirations to support her.



From the marginalized Siddi community (people of African descent) in India and first in her family to attend college, Asha was recommended to 'A More Balanced World' as a "competent young woman, dedicated to achieving her dream of becoming a nurse.  She was a ...