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'A More Balanced World' achieved global empowerment by advancing underprivileged students globally. Noteworthy milestones included diplomas to advanced degrees for a number of our students. Our impactful relief efforts to victims of the earthquake in Afghanistan ...

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70% of two-year college and 61% of four-year university students face either housing or food insecurity or homelessness; some take refuge in the only possession they own, their car, and don’t always have enough to eat. Nevertheless, recognizing higher education as the primary path to economic stability, they hold on to the hope that obtaining an education will someday pay off.

Building a network of resources comprised of local academic institutions, professional service providers from the community and local government agencies, A More Balanced World is on a mission to provide these students with the supportive services they need to thrive and press forward.

Success Stories

Faryal The Young Scientists in 2023-2024

Herat, Afghanistan

Faryal’s journey from Herat, Afghanistan, to becoming a beacon of inspiration embodies resilience and determination against all odds



From the marginalized Siddi community (people of African descent) in India and first in her family to attend college, Asha was recommended to ‘A More Balanced World’ as a “competent young woman, dedicated to achieving her dream of becoming a nurse.



Siavosh has had a passion for weightlifting since he was a child. At 14, he not only was an accomplished weightlifter with multiple titles in provincial competitions, but also an A+ student, academically.



“Joseph, my son, wants to study but has no one to support him. He moves from house to house looking for gardening work so he could raise money for school. Of late there’s no one giving him work so he just wants to die.” – Said Joseph’s mother to Beatrice Achieng Nas founder & director of “Pearl Community Empowerment- PCE Foundation in Uganda in 2016.



Danilo was born into a low income family in a rural farming community where most kids don’t continue their education past 6th grade. Danilo however wanted more than a life of destitute.