A More Balanced World

With the Assistance ratio of 65% female and 35% male, Iran has a large number of students supported by AMBW; 50% at university level with several in master’s and three in doctoral degree programs.

In Iran, education is theoretically free through 12th grade. Literacy among men is a whopping 90% and for women, an uncanny 81%.  But while close to 60% of the Iranian population now lives under the poverty line, traditional public schools still charge for not only books and uniforms, but also fees that amount to a high tuition that remains unaffordable for many.

Although cultural commitment to education is high in Iran, many families must withdraw their children from school due to financial consideration. When these difficult choices have to be made by families, more often than not, it is the girls who are denied an education. AMBW strives to intervene and enable girls to have continued access to education.

Our Representative in Iran

Representative in Iran

Our Representative
in Iran

Maryam Fazeli, DDS

Maryam has been in private practice since 2005 and a Russian language Instructor at Voronezh State University, Tehran Campus. Since 2013 Maryam has represented ‘A More Balanced World’ in Iran, overseeing the organization’s activities and acting as the liaison with our Iranian beneficiaries, as well as local representatives throughout the country.

Maryam is a graduate of the Belarusian State Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry.

Educational Support

Educational support is the basis of the work of AMBW, in all the countries in which we operate.

In this effort, we fund the school related expenses of the youth who struggles to attend or stay in school due to financial difficulties.  Our support can vary from one student to the next depending on their specific circumstances and could include tuition costs, books & school supplies, transportation, technology, registration fees, food or clothing and more.

Special Projects

In addition to the ongoing support of our students throughout their individual academic journeys, we also facilitate Special Projects which help deprived communities impacted by natural disasters such as economic calamity, earthquakes/floods, and other extenuating circumstances. Whether during the emergency period or follow up with the families as they struggle to get back to normalcy, providing the impoverished children at the beginning of school year with their necessities.

Nabili Scholarship

Funded by the family of the late Ostad Nabili, the “Nabili Scholarship for A More Balanced World” was established to honor him by helping qualified students attending Allameh Tabatabai University, realize their maximum potential through higher education. The target students for this scholarship are high potential, academically accomplished students from low-income/underserved communities with a strong desire to give back and pay forward. See below for eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Make a Contribution

We invite you to join us in making a lasting impact on the life of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our Students


Karaj, Tehran


Karaj, Tehran