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While two thirds of Cambodia’s women are literate and the literacy rate is even higher among men, statistics show that nearly half of Cambodia’s children drop out of elementary school, close to 25% of 3rd graders cannot yet write a single word and more than 20% of its female adolescents does not attend school.

Education in Cambodia is free for the first 12 years, but 63% of Cambodian youth are out of school. It is against this backdrop that AMWB begins to nurture students in elementary school, to prevent them from dropping out, and supports them through higher education. 

Our Representative in Cambodia

Our Representative in Cambodia

Our Representative
in Cambodia

Chandra Pech

Born in Cambodia, Chandra is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide who came to the United States as a teen after living in refugee camps in Thailand for three years.  She lives in Stockton, California with her family.

Chandra is the Director Assistant and Chief Interpreter at ‘Center for Empowering Refugees & Immigrants, (CERI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the social, psychological and economic health of refugees from South East Asia, and a partner of ‘A More Balanced World’ in Oakland, California.

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