‘A More Balanced World’ and ‘Herat Online School’ Enter A Strategic Partnership

As an important step towards our vision of a more balanced world, we are honored to enter into a partnership with “Herat Online School”, a UK-based social impact nonprofit with the mission of empowering Afghan youth through education.

Formed by Angela Ghayour in response to Taliban’s ban on girls’ education upon takeover of Afghanistan in August of 2021, Herat Online School has set out to create equity in educational opportunity, encourage critical thinking, and build capacity for Afghan youth to take control of their future.

“The solution to peace in our country is an educational path that connects Afghan citizens in a constructive way, with and for each other”, said Angela Ghayour, founder of Herat Online School.

Given the many dimensions of a balanced world, we believe at their core, there exist a great alignment between the missions of the two organizations, as they both strive to transform their shared values and hopes into action and broaden their outreach through the power of collaboration.

We see this kind of partnership as central to the goal of expanding the spirit of a more just world and look forward to collaborations at multiple levels between the two entities.