A More Balanced World Establishes A Student Outreach Program to Help Reduce College Dropout Among the Most Vulnerable

‘A More Balanced World’s journey has been one of growth and evolution as we continue to adjust our direction in response to the needs of society, focusing on helping the most vulnerable within the communities we serve.

One in five Los Angeles Community College and one in nine California State University students identify as having experienced or on the verge of homelessness; twice as many don’t always have enough to eat.  Some take refuge in their cars, others spend the nights on friends’ couches or pay what little they earn to rent a room with nothing left to pay for food, text books, or transportation; nevertheless, recognizing higher education as the primary path to their economic stability, they hold on to the hope that it will someday pay off.

We, at ‘A More Balanced World’, see it as our moral responsibility to help bridge the gap and act as the conduit for the flow of assistance to this vulnerable segment of our community.

With the objective of helping to reduce the college dropout rate among this group, in March of 2019, we launched an outreach program using an innovative ‘Public Private Partnership’ model, building a network of resources comprised of LA City Recreation &Parks, Pierce College, and professional service providers from the community to provide students at risk of homelessness with a host of supportive services they need to thrive and press forward.

Please lend a hand in helping ‘A More Balanced World’ give the gift of opportunity to this often-overlooked demographic.