Educating Afghan Girls Post Taliban

When the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, they instructed girls and young women to stay home from school. With no resolution in sight, one Afghan woman decided to act. Angela Ghayour started an online school that now educates over two thousand students and gives a sense of mission to more than 200 volunteer teachers. She still wishes she could protect them from harm, hunger and child marriage, but she can’t – she can empower them to protect the next generation.

A More Balanced World is supporting Angela, as she emerges as a leading educator and advocate for young Afghan women.

In 1992, Angela was just eight years old when civil war broke out in Afghanistan. Her family fled and took refuge in Iran, where Angela was unable to go to school – she was ineligible due to temporary visa status.  “It is common for Afghan children in Iran not to go to school, because they don’t have the right documents,” Angela recalls. After five years, her family secured the permit to attend school in Iran. Every day after school, Angela would return home and teach 14 other Afghan children, all of whom were unable to go to school.

Years later, after the Taliban was deposed from power, Angela returned to Afghanistan and qualified as secondary school teacher. After the recent Taliban takeover, she couldn’t fathom girls, once again, being deprived of education, so with no indication from the Taliban that restrictions on women would be relaxed, she founded the Herat Online School.

In our search to find a way to help Afghan refugees, we were introduced to Angela and learned of her impressive work which has grown beyond her expectations and is a testament to the Afghan girls’ eagerness to learn.  A More Balanced World has stepped in to help in any capacity needed toward Angela’s goal of building a successful nonprofit that would allow her expand its reach as well as scope of its work. We will also be providing financial assistance to qualified Afghan students in need of help to pursue higher education.

A More Balanced World is proud to have partnered with this extraordinary Afghan woman and her team and ask that you support us as we help people like Angela in their remarkable ways.