Our Fall 2021 Newsletter

As we enter the Fall season, we look back at our accomplishments and challenges since the Spring newsletter. We are filled with pride and joy as many of our students achieved academic excellence or found ways to grow just beyond their school learnings. Meanwhile the world witnessed the continued challenges posed by COVID-19 and watched the atrocity of Taliban taking over Afghanistan in a matter of days.

In many of our supported countries COVID-19 lockdowns significantly affected the lives of our students. In Iran one out of every four students dropped out of school due to lack of remote learning devices.

In Afghanistan, our partner organization, their staff, and students were severely impacted by the overnight change in government and have had to resort to unusual means to protect themselves and their families. Very few have been able to leave the country and those inside, especially women, have had to wipe any evidence of them being associated with an American nonprofit or learning English. In this newsletter you will read the story of a female student who graduated just as the country’s fate was changing.

As we kick off our Holiday Fundraising Season, we are grateful to our donors, volunteers, and partners for giving us the opportunity to create equity in education for the disadvantaged. This year we have set a goal of raising $60,000 during our fundraising drive. We ask that you get a head start by donating to this important cause and encouraging others to do the same.