Our Solidarity with the Iranian People

Over the past month, the world has been witnessing events in Iran not seen in over 40 years. A grassroots movement spearheaded by young women and supported by young men has inspired the nation and the world into acts of defiance and courage against the Islamic government. This wave of dissent has transcended borders, energized advocacy for social justice, and renewed calls for women’s rights in Iran and around the world. 

Iranian women fed up with the Islamic Republic’s strict rules and misogynistic laws have led the uprising with courage and bravery, with many losing their lives when battered and shot at during protests on the streets across many Iranian cities.

“Women, Life, Freedom” has become the slogan of this movement and echoed by tens of thousands of women, men and youth in almost every metropolis around the world. Female actors, politicians and artists from numerous nations have cut their hair in solidarity with Iranian protestors, especially young women and girls fighting for their basic human right of self-autonomy.

For decades Iranian people have been terrorized, dehumanized, oppressed, and denied basic human rights by the Islamic Republic. Additionally, the government’s reckless and abusive economic policies have led to harsh economic conditions and placed majority of the population below the poverty line. It is under these conditions that the people of Iran have risen to demand social and economic justice.

We at ‘A More Balanced World’ wholeheartedly support this humanitarian movement to achieve social justice and women’s rights.