A More Balanced World Holds its Celebration of 2018 Diwali

A More Balanced World celebrated its 9th annual Diwali on November 2, 2018.

During Diwali celebrations in India, and around the world, people wear their finest clothes, illuminate their homes with Diyas (oil lamp), decorate with Rangoli (Hindu folk art), light fireworks, celebrate the goddess of prosperity, and partake in family feasts and share mithai (sweets). This annual event has been an instrument of cross-cultural awareness and strengthening the bond between people of all backgrounds.

As it has become a tradition, at this year’s event, the winners and the runners up from ‘A More Balanced World’s’ annual Open Cricket Tournament were among the guests of honor as a gesture of appreciation for their contributions to the organization over the years. The program included performances by AMBW Youth, Indian Classical Indigenous folk and Bollywood dances.