A More Balanced World 5th Annual Diwali Celebration

On October 18th, 2014, friends and supporters of A More Balanced World, Inc. (AMBW) celebrated Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, at the Royal Delhi Palace in Canoga Park, CA.

A major source of funding for the organization, this memorable evening marked the 5th anniversary of the Diwali celebration by A More Balanced World. 100% of proceeds from this event, as with any other by the organization, funds education of the children, youth and adults that drop out of school due to financial difficulties, hence unable to build a better future for themselves!

All proceeds from this event will benefit ‘A More Balanced World, a global nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep the underprivileged children and youth in school.

About Author: MANDY FAZELI

With a life-long passion for community service and social volunteerism, both foreign and domestic, and with the help of many friends who shared her passion, Mandy Fazeli, an IT professional with Farmers Insurance Group, Inc. founded A More Balanced World in 2010. As Founder and President, Mandy uses her management skills, international background, and humanitarian aspirations to help give the hope of education to youth around the world.