A More Balanced World 2nd Annual Diwali Celebration

Guest of A More Balanced World 2011 Diwali Celebration were welcomed to the event with a ceremonial sprinkling of rose water, flowers, and smiles.  The evening program began with Pushpanjali and Invocatory Dances performed by students of “The Nataraja School of Fine Arts’ in beautiful traditional costumes.  There followed solo Bharatnatyam dances performed by Geetha Jovitha and Ananya Sen, interspersed with vocal performances by Janet Prakash, Shailesh Kumar, and Sudhanshu Guru, and a keyboard recital by young Pranav Srinivasan.

Mandy Fazeli, President of A More Balanced World, addressed the guests with an update on the significant development of the organization in 2011, and expressed her deep gratitude for the generous support of Donors and Volunteers.  A More Balanced World Annual Tennis Ball Cricket Match was recognized as a very successful fundraiser for the organization.  A special event of the evening was the receipt of $1,000 donation from Shohreh Abedi, CIO of Farmers Insurance.  The celebration dinner was catered by Woodlands of Chatsworth, CA.

All proceeds from the event will benefit students sponsored by A More Balanced World.