‘A More Balanced World Youth’ Shows a Ray of Hope to Underprivileged at the Risk of Homelessness

Members of ‘A More Balanced World’s Youth Program joined hands to help students, struggling to stay afloat, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most of our students, who are either experiencing or on the verge of homelessness, have been particularly hit hard by the Corvid pandemic as they lost access to school pantries and other resources or lost their jobs.  ‘A More Balanced World has increased its level of support in terms of food, hygiene products, transportation, utility bills, school supplies and other necessities, to this vulnerable demographic.

To help those in need, members of the Youth program took the initiative to collect food and personal care products, enough to create 35 kits to distribute among college students and families with young children.  They believe every child deserves an education no matter what their background.  Education has the power to end poverty.  It’s the most satisfying act when you help someone in need.”

We are filled with excitement and pride to see our youth embracing the culture of philanthropy.  These are the future leaders of the organization.

Keithan and Keisha who spearheaded this initiative are proud of their friends and would like to thank Logan F., Kirthi & Abi H., Monn, Katie M., Arek and Nairi, Clarissa M., Mia and Marc, Nollan F., Serena and Sahana, Kushi U., Rishima G., Lenny and Adriana for their time and contributions.


About Author: MANDY FAZELI

With a life-long passion for community service and social volunteerism, both foreign and domestic, and with the help of many friends who shared her passion, Mandy Fazeli, an IT professional with Farmers Insurance Group, Inc. founded A More Balanced World in 2010. As Founder and President, Mandy uses her management skills, international background, and humanitarian aspirations to help give the hope of education to youth around the world.