September School Supplies Drive by AMBW Youth Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the various shades of human nature.  In the midst of fear and despair, there have been acts of courage, hope and selflessness.  For a change from the celluloid world, heroic acts have touched our reality in umpteen different ways.
In September of 2020,  in collaboration with a number of businesses and local communities in Simi Valley, California, members of A More Balanced World Youth Program organized a school supplies drive to benefit underprivileged students.  Through this act of kindness, our Youth were able to distribute 220 packages comprised of essential school supplies to elementary, middle and high schools of Simi Valley.  Every bag contained a hand-written message of hope, support and encouragement. 
In their own unique and individual ways, they put into action the words of Anthony Douglas Williams who said that “Life is not about giving up or giving in.  Life is about giving.”