From the marginalized Siddi community (people of African descent) in India and first in her family to attend college, Asha was recommended to ‘A More Balanced World’ as a “competent young woman, dedicated to achieving her dream of becoming a nurse.

 She was a wife and a mother who wanted to be a role model for her daughter and the girls in her village; so, in defiance of the gender and traditional norms of her community, she put being allowed to continue her education, as a condition of her marriage. Her husband however was supportive and committed to helping her to pursue her goals.

Despite many challenges, including financial and long distance travel to attend university, but with her  unwavering determination, perseverance and hard work, Asha succeeded in graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and was hired as a nurse in supervisory role at her village’s clinic.  In her letter to A More Balanced World, she wrote:

“….  SAS and AMBW are the main reason I was able to get this position at a Government clinic and as a female Siddi, this is very important for me.  During my studies, I got into many difficult situations, financially and otherwise.  I was planning to give up on my education. But SAS helped me to press forward and AMBW came to my support to reach my goal.  I was able to rank first in my class with the GPA of 71.7%.  For this, I am forever thankful …”

Asha’s love and dedication to her work will no doubt help her in becoming an excellent nurse, while looking ahead to study for her master’s degree.  We at ‘A More Balanced World’ are proud to be part of this exceptional young woman’s journey and are ever so delighted to share in her joy. We will continue to support other deserving students in her community.