Raised in the dense forests of Karnataka, India, Smitha embodies resilience and determination. Growing up in an environment where education was considered a luxury, she has surmounted financial and societal barriers to pursue higher education. With aspirations of earning a Ph.D., Smitha leverages her education in Social Work to affect meaningful change, epitomizing the transformative power of perseverance and dedicated support.

Smitha’s early life was marked by economic hardship.  Her parents, both bidi workers, initially discouraged her from pursuing higher education due to financial constraints.  Yet, through her determination and AMBW financial assistance, she has navigated these obstacles to earn a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Mangalore University and completed a master’s program at the University of Mysore, continuously striving to fulfill her dreams.

Smitha’s academic journey is distinguished by her high performance and commitment to continuous learning. Her involvement with environmental research projects such as the “Green Coverage” and her active participation in various conferences illustrates her application of academic knowledge to real-world issues while highlighting her engagement with the broader academic community.

From leading events like the International Women’s Day to organizing national seminars on digital learning, to mentorship of other students in public speaking, Smitha has demonstrated leadership and dedication to societal improvement. Through these activities, Smitha not only enriches her community but also develops essential skills that bolster her social work aspirations.