As the eldest of 5 siblings and at the age of 10, Ezzat worked with his mother weaving carpets. At 12 his days began at 4:30 a.m. when he went to work on the streets of Kabul selling herbs, yet he kept dreaming of becoming an educated professional.

At 15 Ezzat took his first step towards reaching his goal when Roya Mentorship Program sponsored him for English & computer lessons but he still had to work to help his family and unable to attend his classes that’s when ‘A More Balanced World’ stepped in to pay his wages so he could continue his education.

Recognizing Ezzat’s potential, Bamyan Foundation offered him a scholarship to attend a private high school as AMBW continued to pay his wages.

With hard work, perseverance & determination Ezzat received his high school diploma, passed the ever so difficult Ntl. Univ. Exam and has been accepted to Kabul University majoring in Sociology & Philosophy.

We take inspiration from students like Ezzat who through a lifetime of difficulty will not succumb to failure and press on to build a better future for themselves, their families and their community.